A wide variety of items can be purchased in the center of Athens to take back home as souvenir. Specialties include handicrafts, gold and silver jewelry, flokati rugs of fluffy sheep wool, pottery, onyx, marble, alabaster, leather goods, furs and art items. These items are mainly available at Syntagma, Plaka and Monastiraki – the flea market.

Your best bet to find souvenirs and jewelry is at Pandrossou pedestrian walkway. Monastiraki comes alive on Sundays from 08.00 to 13.00. Other interesting gift idea is museum copies of ancient Greek art, sold in many shops.

Jewelry always seems to be the best purchase. The country may not be known for its gold producing, but it has a history of at least 3.000 years of manufacturing unique hand-made gold jewelry. Greek jewelry offers a wide creativity in design, low labor costs and very good technicians. Most of these shops are found in Voukourestiou St.,Mitropoleos St. and Syntagma Sq. and in Plaka area as well. On Valaoritou St. you will find all the famous brands, such as Piaget (Ioannidis Jewelry) and Rolex; in Voukourestiou, Chopard collections. Besides jewelry, the pedestrian offers men’s and women’s top fashion clothes, café and restaurants. Shopping Hours: 09.00-21.00, Tues-Thurs-Fri and Sat 09.00-18.00; for department stores: 09.00-21.00 every day.



A refund in 3 easy steps


1. Shopping : Shop where you see the Global Refund Shopping logo and simply ask for your Global Refund Cheque when your purchase amount exceeds 120,00euros .


2. Through customs: On the last stop before exiting the European Union, show your passport and the goods to customs officers and have your Global Refund cheques stamped. This is how Customs validate that goods are exported outside the European Union …and remember: Global Refund Cheque is valid only for 3 months after the purchase date! No Stamp…! …No Refund!


3. Refunding : Collect your refund in cash at our nearby Cash Refund Office or mail the Global Refund Cheque to Global Refund using the special prepaid postal reply envelope for a bank cheque sent to your home address or direct crediting of your credit card.
Do not forget, to have all of your personal data included written in English.

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