Leave the city behind for a day and enjoy the attractions on Athens’s doorstep!

Much of Attica’s blue, green and pleasant land lies within easy reach of Athens. You’ll find everything from historic cities to imposing temples and beautiful countryside to clear deep blue seas. Attica bus schedules: 210 821 0872. Ships, Railway timetables: 1440. Urban bus timetable (OASA): 185.


Athens Sightseeing:

A tour to observe the contrasts from ancient time monuments, such as the Acropolis and the Odeon of Herod Atticus to modern times landmarks, such as the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in front of the House of Parliament in Syntagma Sq. (go to Athens Sights section of the guide) .



Attica Zoological Park

The Park offers recreational as well as educational experiences. Come and see animals of Greece, the birds of America, Africa and Asia, the parrots, penguins and eagles, the snakes, and the many other birds, reptiles and mammals that are in such surroundings for the 1 st time in Greece. A visit to the Park, which is an oasis at a short distance from the city bustle, is an ideal trip for children and adults. Every day 9.00 to sunset & admission: Adults: 10 euros, Children 3-12: 8 euros, Group over 25 people: 8 euros. T: 210 66 34 724, , E:


Marathon :

Well worth your visit is Marathon, with an archaeological area - The Monument (Tomb) of Marathon - and museum. Marathon is one of the most beautiful locations in Attica. On your way there, you will pass by fields, vineyards, olive groves, wild vegetation, giving the area its natural beauty. You will find here a multitude of beaches where you can swim and sunbathe. The most famous beach is Schinias, which has a pine forest bordering on the sandy shore. You can combine your visit to Marathon with a visit to the archaeological area of Ramnounda. (12km from Marathon).



The sanctuary of Sounion (the famous temple of Poseidon is here) is the most important sanctuary of Attica. It is 1hour drive from the center of Athens. The route to Sounion follows the coastline of the Saronic Gulf.

At the Temple of Poseidon the ancient Greeks worshipped the god of the sea Poseidon. The temple was built in the Golden Age of Perikles on the ruins of another temple. Blue sky and blue sea are joined at Cape Sounion. T: 22920 39363. Open daily from 9.00 to sunset. Admission 4 euros


Delphi :

Join a visit through fertile plains and Mount Parnassus’ feet to Delphi, the centre of the ancient world. The local museum features exquisite samples of ancient Greek sculptures.



Attica has developed into a major international cruise hub. The convenient location of Attica makes it the ideal starting point for a cruise in the Mediterranean. The popular islands of the Saronic Gulf can be visited during a 1-day or 2-day cruise.

One day Cruise at the Attica islands is the most popular itinerary offered daily by several ships. The ships sail from the Zea Harbor in Piraeus, departing early morning hours and returning to Athens early in the afternoon. The one-day cruises to Attica Islands take you to Aegina, Poros, Hydra and Spetses.

Piraeus traffic police: 210 411-3832. Piraeus radio taxis: 210 418-2333, 210 420-0042. Port authority Piraeus: 210 4226000 – 4, Port authority Zea: 210 4284100


  • Aegina : The island of Aegina is well known for its many historic sites. You can go swimming in one of the beaches near Aegina Town or participate in an optional tour of the Agios Nektarios Monastery and renowned Aphea Temple built in the 6 th Century BC.
  • Poros : The green island of Poros features a picturesque town, beautiful beaches and a wide range of water-sports, many taverns, bars and clubs.
  • HYDRA : Especially popular to visitors is the car-free island of Hydra with its well-preserved town. You can stroll down its narrow streets, relax in a café or shop in one of the many boutiques.
  • SPETSES : Some of the cruises also include the island of Spetses, a popular holiday resort with a small beautiful old harbour and wonderful mansions.


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