When visiting Athens do the thing that everybody in the western societies do best; go shopping. Downtown Athens is a shopper’s paradise. The clothing shops have quality men’s and women’s apparel and the shoes stores from all over the world.

Streets that were once choked with traffic have now been closed to all vehicles. Ermou St. is the No 1 shopping street in Athens, where besides local shops you can find well known stores; it is one of the largest pedestrian streets and it is like a fair, any day of the week, with thousands of shoppers, street musicians and people selling hot chestnuts or corn-on-the-cob or sesame buns.


The two other main shopping streets are Eolou & AgiouMarkou where you can find incredible bargains in clothes, fabrics, shoes, and café where you can rest after a shopping spree.


To find Ermou St just go to Syntagma Sq. where it begins at the McDonalds; Eolou begins at Adrianou at PlatiaAgoras and crosses Ermou just below the Metamorphosis church in the middle of the street. It goes almost all the way to Omonia and passes the Central Market and the square in front of the Town Hall. In Omonia you can find Hondos Centre – a large department store full of cosmetics, accessories, clothes and more. Panepistimiou St. connects Syntagma Sq. with Omonia Sq. where also in turns a variety of music-stores, shoe shops, bookstores & jewellery shops can be found. From Panepistimiou St. turn right to Patission St. and walk loafing at the windows of the numerous shops you find in your way.

Keep your eyes open when shopping in Athens, not every shop has a big glass window with products displayed.


Another shopping street is Stadiou (parallel with Panepistimiou St.) – the road that connects Omonia with Syntagma – which has department stores like Notos Galleries, Habitat, and a Virgin Megastore, exquisite jewellery shops, multimedia/telecommunication centres and more.


Another shopping district in Athens is Kolonaki (Tsakalof-pedestrian walkway, Skoufa, Patriarhou Ioakim, the main shopping streets) that caters to upscale customers. Prestigious brands, the freshest trends in the world, all these and many more can be found here. A visit at Kolonaki, guarantee that you’ll go home a fashionista, not a fashion victim!


On the South side of Athens, in the district called Glyfada, you can lose yourself in a variety of shops for every need and budget.

On the North side, there are Kifissia and Marousi districts, with expensive and trendy shops but unique designs in clothing, shoes and accessories. If you want to stand out, these areas for shopping are a must.



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