The major streets for your shopping of exclusive merchandise in the center of Athens are:

Ermou Street (now a pedestrian walkway): With its clothing shops, shoe stores, children’s clothing shops and cosmetic shops Ermou walkway is a shopper΄s paradise! Great even for a walk.

Voukourestiou Street: With its name-brand jewelers, word-renowned leather accessories, men’s and women’s clothing stores, an international bookstore, Voukourestiou is one of Athens’ classiest shopping streets.

Valaoritou Street (a pedestrian walkway): Has beautiful café and watch shops selling brand-name such as Rolex and Piaget.

Mitropoleos Street: Offers a great variety of fabulous jewelry shops. Items on this street vary from ancient Greek copies to modern elegant designs. Stylish café can be found here.




We welcome you to the FLEA MARKET the oldest one in the world, where legend meets history. It is in the heart of Athens, below the sacred rock of the Acropolis. Stroll the area, the main streets of PLAKA Pandrossou, Adrianou, Ifestou.

It is easy to find them, difficult to decide what to buy and even more difficult to forget the experience.

It is the center of the traditional craft and creation of original Greek art.

In its stores you will be surprised by what you find: gold and silver jewellery, ancient type pottery and sculpture. Fur coats, leather goods, carpets. Objects from copper, books, ceramics, sandals. Precious stones, paintings, icons, old and new ones, wood sculpture. Local costumes, traditionally made material, loom products, clothes, antiques.

• Adrianou Street (a pedestrian walkway): Plaka's most famous street offers many shopping alternatives in Greek traditional items to get back home. You may find anything here, from jewelry and furs, to beautiful rugs and clothes. Designer jewelry is abundant here.

• Pandrossou Street: One of the finest streets (pedestrian walkway) for unique works of art in ceramic bronze and paintings, jewelry shops and Greek traditional items, furs & leather, authentic handmade oriental carpets.


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